These adorable tote bags are made from repurposed woven polypropylene animal feed bags. They are tough, water-resistant and versatile! The bags formerly held 50 lbs of feed. Just trying to reuse and recycle and keep these bags out of the landfill. For other tote bag selections, 

 These feed bag totes are roomier than traditional grocery bags, hold more weight and are easier to carry.

These bags can take a beating! And they fold down nicely.

The handles are made out of the same material as the bag. Each handle is welt stitched and firmly secured to the bag by sewing a square and also a large “X” through the handle and double folded top. Handle drop is approximately 7".

These durable bags can be washed with soap and warm water or even hosed out. There is no odor in the bags.

All items are handmade, so no two items will be exactly identical. And, because these are repurposed feed bags, please keep in mind that there could be slight wrinkles or blemishes from previous use of the bags.

Use these sturdy and long-lasting tote bags for many handy things such as:

• emergency supplies in car, house, anywhere
• hauling groceries
• reusable shopping bags
• diaper bag
• farmers market purchases
• knitting supplies
• yarn or craft bag
• project bag
• library books
• beach bag – towels and clothes
• teacher classroom supplies
• dog or cat or any animal supplies
• athletic gear
• toys
• gardening
• storage
• gift bags

Tote Bag